Love this cat-ladder in Switzerland. Photo: Warngau.

Bern, Switzerland. Photo: Bern und Umgebung.

Do not really know why, but I love this staircase. So much so that it even qualified for the Cat Ladder Hall Of Fame!
It is perhaps not even for a cat. Maybe it's some lazy bastard who does not want to go down with his letters to the mailbox. It's a mystery!

A truly unique design. I've never seen anything like it before. It qualifies fully into The Cat Ladder Hall Of Fame
Photo: Sylvain.

Hi Jimmy,

Ever since I first found your wonderful blog I've been looking for this picture. It's a photocopy of a picture in an article in a German magazine, probably Stern, probably twenty years ago. It shows the Aichach prison with catladders. There was also a picture of men prisoners feeding the cats, but I haven't got that any longer. The text underneath says Facade of Aichach prison (JVA = Justizvollzugsanstalt) with cat ladder.

Regards, Margaret M

Sometimes I'm just so happy! I got an email the other day with a link to something amazing. A documentation of the construction of a cat-ladder. A real masterpiece. A work of art. Something I've never seen before. Check the link for the amazing story.

Photo: Travis Skinner.